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Teaching Materials Series: Songs

For Young Learners, it’s not a lesson if we haven’t raised the roof with at least one ridiculously catchy tune (accompanying actions obligatory). Songs are fantastic for raising kids’ energy, learning grammar passively, and getting in some Total Physical Response (co-ordination of language and movement to help cement words and meaning).

You can use foreign-language versions of English classics, such as this French version of ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’, which has the added bonus of covering other emotions too:

…a French classic like this one (great for parts of the body and future tense):

…or alternatively something utterly bonkers such as this (seriously, the bonkers-ness makes the vocab more memorable):

Songs are also a great tool for older children and adult learners. They can be used to teach grammar points in context, for example this beauty for the difference between the perfect and imperfect in French:

Or this, for ESL learners battling with the second conditional:

They’re also great for straight-up listening practice. I’ve used this fun rap with adult beginners as much as Young Learners, usually getting them to fill in the blanks in a copy of the lyrics to consolidate the sound of the word with its written form:

Hope you enjoy this selection of our musical faves – let us know what you think!

Lucy McCormick is Head of Client Services at Struck Fluent, a community of tutors specialising in Modern Foreign Languages and ESL. She has extensive experience as a teacher and tutor of French and ESL in the UK, China, Korea, Vietnam and India. When not teaching or language geeking, you can generally find her in the company of a book, a gin or (preferably) both.

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Songs and story for Petits Perroquets, Monday 15/05/2017

After a great first week, we are very excited about our next meeting! Petits Perroquets runs on Mondays from 11 – 12 at Good Hope Cafe, Ladywell.

This week, playgroup leader and French tutor Lucy will be introducing Va t’en, Grand Monstre Vert! (Go away, Big Green Monster!). As well as being a great, imaginative picture book it is fantastic for learning colours and parts of the body. Take a look here for a preview:

We’ll be revisiting some of the nursery rhymes we looked at in the last session (especially Tête, épaules, genoux et pieds) and learning some new tunes around the theme of colours. You can get familiar with them here, and songsheets will of course be available on the day too:

These two are a nice simple intro to the colours

This one is completely barmy, which is great – the barmier the context, the more likely you are to remember and recall vocabulary!

Skip to 1.20 for the start of the song

If you have any suggestions or feedback, we would love to hear from you  – we are always seeking to improve! You can leave a comment below or drop us a line on enquiries@struckfluent.com.

A Lundi, tout le monde!

From the team at Struck Fluent, playgroup wizards and tutors of Modern Foreign Languages and ESL in London. Need a language tutor? Get in touch here.

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Petits Perroquets: songs from our first session!

We had a grand old time at the launch of our French-speaking playgroup Petits Perroquets this Monday.

The group is especially aimed at English speakers, perhaps with a rusty GCSE/A-Level in their back pocket that they’re keen to dust off whilst introducing their little ones to French in a friendly, relaxed environment.  We had a great turnout for songs, stories, free play, friendly chat and gallons of lovely coffee.

Take a look at the videos below for a taste what playgroup leader and French tutor Lucy covered in the session. Songsheets were also provided, and parents can sign up to the Whatsapp group each week to get the coming week’s songs and lyrics straight to their phones. Otherwise, you can find them on here!


Hope to see you at our next group! We’ll be welcoming parents and children aged 0 – 4 every Monday from 11 – 12 at Good Hope Cafe, Ladywell.

A la prochaine!

From the team at Struck Fluent, playgroup wizards and tutors of Modern Foreign Languages and ESL in London. Need a language tutor? Get in touch here.

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Announcing our French playgroup Petits Perroquets!

After the success of our German-speaking playgroup Kleine, Katzen, we are very pleased to announce the launch of a brand-spanking new French playgroup!

Petits Perroquets (named for the chatty nature of the group but also in honour of Catford’s friendly neighbourhood green parrots!) will meet every Monday from 8th May,  11am – 12 noon at Good Hope Cafe, Ladywell.

Petits Perroquets ad social media photo

We’ll be welcoming parents and small ones with all levels of French, and the group is particularly aimed at first-language English speakers keen to give new lease of life that proud British tradition, the rusty French GCSE. As such, the group will be a friendly, stress-free introduction to French songs and stories with a dollop of free play and the option to chat to other French speakers of the same level with support from playgroup leader and Struck Fluent French tutor Lucy if needed. Songs and lyrics around a weekly theme will be uploaded to our blog ahead of time, and songsheets will be available on the day.

We also encourage further chat along with consumption of coffee, cake and lunch items in the uber-child-friendly cafe afterwards!

The session is £5 for adults with a child aged 0 – 4, and £2.50 for each additional child.

Hope to see you there, les grands et les petits!

From the team at Struck Fluent, playgroup wizards and tutors of Modern Foreign Languages and ESL in London. Need a language tutor? Get in touch here.

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