Lucy: French and ESL; Head of Client Services


Lucy: Owner, Head of Client Services

After tutoring through her BA and MA (French and Francophone Studies), Lucy spent a further two years tutoring French in London. She has successfully prepared learners for the GCSE and A-Level qualifications, worked with businesspeople moving to overseas offices, and taught Primary age learners from scratch. She also has a wealth of experience with learners with SEN including Dyslexia and ASD.

Lucy then qualified to teach English as a Foreign Langauge, working with refugees in her borough before leaving home to teach English in China, South Korea, India and Vietnam. During her time overseas, she taught in the State, Private and Charity sectors, and worked with a wide range of students from Primary School beginners to diplomats to Tibetan monks and nuns. She has also helped prepare students for academic study in the UK, and for success in the IELTS examinations.

Lucy was inspired to found Struck Fluent by her own passion for languages and her desire to see British students benefit from the holistic and economic benefits language study brings; something she feels they often lack in comparison to their international counterparts. As an unashamed pedagogy geek, she embraces new approaches to teaching and learning and promotes creativity and student-centred learning as routes to academic success as well as to learners’ fulfilment.

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