Home Educators

We believe that foreign language learning should be fun, engaging and interactive. Our methods are informed and inspired by innovations in English language teaching overseas, which rely on these principles (to read more about our methods, please click here). In many countries, children are introduced to English from an early age. Their language skills are activated and honed through activities, games and resources tailored to their interests, needs, age and learning styles. This approach brings with it a number of benefits: certainly, the global opportunities that will ultimately be open to them as foreign language speakers cannot be overlooked. In addition to this however, the plasticity children’s brains develop as a result of learning a foreign language, as well as their ability to understand issues from multiple perspectives, is invaluable as a complement to all areas of their education.

At Struck Fluent, we believe British children should not miss out on the same opportunities. However, we see that in mainstream schools they are typically introduced to languages much later than their overseas counterparts. There is much less time and fewer resources dedicated to language teaching, and teachers must fight the popular perception that language learning is pointless, as ‘everyone speaks English anyway.’ This often leads to children feeling anxious and despondent about learning a foreign language, and we firmly believe that they should not be done this disservice.

We very much enjoy working with Home Educators to develop enjoyable, engaging courses tailored to your child’s or children’s age, needs and ability. To arrange for a free consultation, please fill in the quick enquiry form and we will contact you within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can call us on 07512 647 324.

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