Adeline: French


Adeline was raised bilingually in France where she was immersed in both English and French culture from birth.


Adeline’s tutoring experience has taught her that a direct engagement with the language in a relaxed environment, as well as stimulating curiosity through interesting and relevant topics are the gateways to learning a language with natural ease and pleasure!


Since moving to the UK ten years ago, Adeline has completed a degree in Sculpture and been involved in numerous projects within the world of theatre and performance, marrying her love for the arts and dance. She loves to bring creative energy and techniques into her sessions for both adults and children.


Adeline believes the exposure to cultural diversity is a gift and is delighted to share her native language with others.


Reviews for Adeline


Adeline has been getting my speaking skills back up to scratch as I prepare for my Masters in French Studies. She has been fantastic, choosing interesting topics that match my interests, putting me at my ease and giving me hope that I can be fluent again! I would highly recommend her to anyone thinking of studying French.

Lucy, Advanced French

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