Kleine Katzen: Songs for our German-speaking playgroup this week!

Come on down to our German-speaking playgroup Kleine Katzen, every Wednesday 11am – 12.30pm at Good Hope Cafe, Ladywell!

This week our theme is ‘All About Me’: Playgroup leader and all-round all-star German tutor Alice will be introducing these three fun songs to sing with your little ones. If your German is feeling rusty, or if you’re just keen for some new singalong fodder, here they are to try out before Wednesday:

  1. Das Lied über mich selbst

2. Das Lied über mich

3. Wo ist der Daumen?

Hope to see you there – bis Mittwoch!

From the team at Struck Fluent, playgroup wizards and tutors of Modern Foreign Languages and ESL in London. Need a language tutor? Get in touch here.

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